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Leanne Allen Proud Warrior Pose




Leanne Allen, E-RYT200, RYT500, YACEP, CHC

What is Yoga?

Yoga - To Yoke or Join / To Create Union, Inner & Outer Harmony  

Yoga is much more than practicing physical postures.

Postures, or Asanas, are just one aspect of Patanjali’s 'Eight Limbs of Yoga'.  

Patanjali, a sage who lived approx 2,000 years ago, created an organized system of Yoga,

a path to inner peace, a holistic lifestyle that includes ethical behaviors, self-care practices,

refining the breath/pranayama, physical postures/asana, and various stages of meditation.   

Each yoga class I teach includes:

Centering, Pranayama/Breath-work, Asana/Postures and Savasana/Relaxation.  

Centering is an effort to become present in the moment, to come home to ourselves,

out of our busy lives and minds to become embodied and acknowledge our present experience.

Pranayama/breathing techniques are an essential part of the yoga practice as they invite nourishing energy

into the body, help slow down a busy mind, improve the immune system and regulate the nervous system.  


Asanas/physical postures nourish the physical body and mind as well.  

They help energy (prana/life force) and vital fluids flow through the body,

releasing blocked or stagnant energy and emotions.

In addition, asanas stretch our soft-tissue, increasing flexibility,

strengthen muscles and bones, develop and maintain mobility, balance, focus, and more.

Savasana, the final pose of each practice, helps the body/mind relax further, 

process the yoga practice, and settle the nervous system.   


My yoga teacher’s lineage is that of B.K.S. Iyengar,

a pivotal and highly respected yoga teacher from India.  

As a result, I teach with a focus on alignment and recommend use of props in Asana practices.  

This mature style of yoga requires awareness, patience and embodiment.

It helps keep bodies safe from injury and helps us achieve greater benefits from the practice.  

Students are encouraged to stay within their pain-free range of motion and to move at their own pace.  

Modifications are always available for postures and props are recommended to help you

achieve the maximum benefit of the postures/asanas.

I teach slow gentle asana practices and my body appreciates it.  

I value the rationale behind this style of practice related to

nervous system health and resilience as well as the mind/body connection they help to cultivate.  

As a teacher, I remind students to listen to their bodies and practice Ahimsa,

Non-Violence, in thoughts and actions, both on the mat and off.  

This is a worthy journey and you’re worth it.




Recommended environment for Yoga (asana) classes:

Create a safe, warm, private, comfortable location where you won’t be disturbed.

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in. 

Recommended props for Yoga (asana) classes: 

1 Yoga Mat - 1/4” thick “sticky” or with enough “grip" so you don’t slide.

2 yoga blocks 

1 yoga strap

1 yoga blanket

(all of which can be purchased at or places like Target retail stores.)

Recommended props for Restorative Yoga classes:

1 yoga bolster or 1-2 dense pillow(s)

2 yoga blocks, or evenly sized paper towel rolls, or sturdy boxes

2 yoga blankets or equivalent

Do you need permission from a doctor?

Yoga Asana is a form of physical activity where we move our bodies in various ways.  If you have any physical conditions or are under the care of a physician, it is advisable you check with your doctor about starting a new exercise plan.  

Liability Waiver -

By joining Online Yoga Classes and/or Coaching Sessions w/ Leanne, you are releasing Leanne Allen / Just Be Well from any responsibility for any and all damages.  

Please always remember to practice Ahimsa, Non-Violence toward your body/mind/spirit. 

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