I dedicate my practice to your well-being. 

Whether we're working together in a coaching capacity 

or you're joining my gentle yoga classes, 

I intend to create a safe, compassionate, non-judgmental space, 

where together, we co-create a sense of well-being in mind, body & spirit. 

What is Well-Being?

Wellbeing has been identified as the state of being comfortable and content.

Well-being is a complex combination of a person's physical, mental, emotional

and social health factors. Well-being is strongly linked to life satisfaction.

In short, wellbeing could be described as how you feel about yourself and your life.

What is Well-Being Coaching? 

Using ancient and modern practices & techniques, including, but not limited to, 

mindfulness, yoga, somatic coaching, embodiment practices,

meditation, self-inquiry, self-compassion practices, 

affirmations, songwriting, and more, together we will set an Intention and work to:


Release stuck Energy in the Body, Reduce Physical & Mental Stress,

Increase Vitality, Develop Physical & Emotional Balance,

Develop Flexibility in the Mind & Body, Uncover and Release Limiting Belief Systems,

Build Healthier Patterns of Thinking and Behaviors,

Move toward greater Self-Acceptance, Contentment, and overall Well-Being.

Let's have a conversation. 

*All classes & private sessions are on Zoom until further notice.

Permission from a doctor?

Yoga Asana is a form of physical activity where we move our bodies in various ways.  If you have any physical conditions or are under the care of a physician, it is advisable you check with your doctor about starting a new exercise plan.  


By joining Online Yoga Classes and/or Somatic Coaching Sessions w/ Leanne, you are releasing Leanne Allen / Be Well from any responsibility for any and all damages.  Please always remember to practice Ahimsa, Non-Violence toward your body/mind/spirit. 

Recommended for yoga (asana) classes:

Create a safe, warm, private, comfortable location where you won’t be disturbed.

Comfortable clothes you can move in. 

Yoga Mat - 1/4” “sticky” or with enough “grip" so you don’t slide.

Recommended props for yoga (asana) classes: 

2 yoga blocks 

1 yoga strap

1 yoga blanket

(all of which can be purchased at yogaaccessories.com or places like Target retail stores.)

For Restorative Yoga Classes:

1 yoga bolster or 1-2 dense pillow(s)

2 yoga blocks, or evenly sized paper towel rolls, or sturdy boxes

2 yoga blankets or equivalent